The FMN: Facility Management Nederland

The FMN is the professional association in the field of facility management. The association contributes to the development and promotion of this branch, brings its members together and keeps them informed. This benefits both their own performance and that of the organization for which they work. FMN’s mission statement is: Professionalization Facility Management Processes.

FMN realizes its objectives by organizing meetings and conferences on a national and regional level, where distinguished speakers address professional subjects, and where members can make (new) contacts.
The FMN initiates, promotes and supports scientific research in the field of facility management. The FMN supports education in the field of facility management and aims to link education with facility practitioners.
Within the FMN the sections of Management and organization, Health care, Building (maintenance) Management, Facility Purchase, Parkmanagement, and Starting Facility Managers, play an active part. These sections all contribute to the development of the professional field.
On an international level FMN is active in EuroFM, a European Network, more information on the website of EuroFM.

Eleven times a year FMN publishes its association journal “Facility Management Information” (FMI). This journal provides information about the FMN, its members and the branch. Members receive the FMN-E-zine, the e-mail newsletter, 22 times a year, so they are constantly informed about activities of the FMN and other relevant developments in FM. Once a year the FMN publishes a yearbook called the Almanac, which supports the network function by giving information on all aspects of FMN's activities and members. 

FMN has an alliance with IFMA, the global FM association. FMN members also receive a custom membership of IFMA and several other benefits. The goal of the alliance is to improve facility management across borders. International knowledge sharing and networking are encouraged by this partnership.

Thinking about joining?
The FMN is an association that could be profitable, both to yourself and your organization. Whether you are an integral facility manager, a manager responsible for a section of the whole, a supplier, a consultant or teaching in this field, you are most welcome to join the FMN. We are sure you will feel at home. If you would like to become a member, please contact our office in The Hague, we will be happy to help you. The telephone number is: +31 70 206 01 76 , e-mail: